Getting started

What do I need to play CryptoPuppies?

Installing MetaMask, your digital wallet

Reinstalling MetaMask

Getting Ether, your digital currency

How to send ETH to MetaMask

Understanding CryptoPuppies

What is CryptoPuppies?

What’s the big deal about CryptoPuppies?

Woah, slow down Mr. Pupper – describe CryptoPuppies in words that make sense to me

So they’re digital toys that are D.T.F.?

Does it cost money to play CryptoPuppies?

Buying and selling

How do I get a CryptoPuppies?

How do I sell or breed CryptoPuppies?

How much does it cost to buy a CryptoPuppies?

How many CryptoPuppies do I need to get started?

Why is it so complicated to get started with CryptoPuppies?

What’s ether (ETH)? Why do I need it to play CryptoPuppies?

How do sale or siring auctions end?


Can’t you just create new CryptoPuppies?

Why does it cost ETH to breed a CryptoPuppies?

Is my CryptoPuppies a dame or a sire? A boy or a girl? A dad or a mom?

How do I breed my Puppies together?

How do I breed with other users’ Puppies?

How often can I breed CryptoPuppies?

What is ‘gas?’

How many CryptoPuppies are there?

What makes each CryptoPuppies ‘genes’ work? I want to breed a certain kind of puppy..

Why do attributes sometimes change after they’re released?

Fancy puppies

What are Fancy Puppies?

How do you breed a Fancy Puppy?


Why can’t I see my sale or siring auction in Etherscan?

Is this a scam?

Are CryptoPuppies like Bitcoin?

Can I use a Credit Card to play CryptoPuppies?

Can I play CryptoPuppies with my phone?

How are you making money with CryptoPuppies?